AT20P Digital Acuity Tester Software

The Logical Digital Acuity Application of Choice

Control in the Palm of Your Hand

The AT20P Digital Acuity software is the choice of many practitioners globally. The sensible software offers a broad suite of test charts and vision testing functionality. Having Medmont’s acuity tester in the palm of your hands is as simple as downloading the free trial application on your PC or your tablet or mobile phone and you have an acuity tester control in the palm of your hands. This software is proven and benefits from the award-winning hardware solution of the AT20R that had over 15 years of commercial experience.

Digitally Simple and Sensible Acuity Application


The AT20P Acuity Tester’s proven digital design leverages a 30-day trial downloadable Apple or Android App, standard Window workstation and a Wi-Fi network connection as the sensible choice by avoiding additional capital purchases.


It is as simple as connecting your computer, tablet, or mobile phone to the Wi-Fi connection with your existing hardware as means of display and offers complete wireless control. The color display connected to your PC is easily implemented and displays a wide range of visual assessment tasks while you control in all from your smart device.


The AT20P allows the practitioner to individualize their patient needs with a wide array of visual acuity selections, such as astigmatism, duo-chrome display, binocular vision and contrast sensitivity tests. Custom fixation targets for pediatric patients encourage interest and engagement.

AT20P Features & Specifications

Visual Acuity Selection

  • US 20/12 – 20/400
  • UK 6/4 – 6/120
  • EU 1.5/0.05
  • Snellen Letters
  • Sloan Letters
  • Illiterate “E”
  • Landolt “C”
  • Numbers
  • “LEA” Children’s charts

Cross Cylinder Targets

  • Multiple Line Decreasing
  • Multiple Line Equal
  • Single Letter
  • Single Letter with interaction bars
  • Single Column Decreasing
  • Single Column Equal
  • Single Line
  • “Staircasing” measurement of visual acuity
  • Astigmatism Measurement
  • Fan: 180°; 15° steps
  • “V”: 2.5° or 5° steps
  • “L”: located at “V” angle


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