DV2000 Diagnostic Imaging Software

Fully Integrated Digital Imaging

Digital Integration for Medmont and Beyond

The DV2000 Diagnostic Imaging software is the digital imaging application of Medmont Studio software, completing your suite of integrated applications with a fully featured image capture, review, and editing platform, covering all your digital digital and photography needs and more.

Imaging in One Place

Medmont has partnered with various slit lamp and retinal camera providers to allow  all your of imaging to be stored in one digital space. Combine your Medmont topographer or perimeter with DV2000 to build your glaucoma patient files or contact lens evaluations in a simple, easy to access centralized patient record.

Compare Structure to Function

DV2000 works with your M700 Automated Perimeter and external retinal camera to allow overlays of a retinal photographs over an existing M700 exam, assisting you to identify or confirm regions of concern and directly map structural change to functional deficits.

New! Slit Lamp Image Grading

New with Medmont Studio 7 you can choose from Brian Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) and Efron Grading scales to grade your slit lamp photography. Encourage standardization within your practice and empower your staff to reliably grade a range of corneal conditions with the simple new grading feature.

What Else is New ?

With Medmont Studio 7:

  • Improved image capture window with recent images displayed
  • Live digital zoom – 2x-10x
  • Video Capture mode with video compression, playback, and export in standard video format

DV2000 Key Features

Stereoscopic Viewing

 • Anaglyphic Glasses
 • Stereo Interlacing Glasses
 • Side-by-side Separation

Advanced Image/Video Capture Embossing

Custom Image Operation

Image Annotations

Sophisticated Image Processing

 • Smooth Zooming
 • Contrast Stretching / Equalization
 • Image Sharpening
 • De-Interlacing
 • Image Import / Export

Multiple Display Options

 • Mosaic
 • Full Screen
 • Thumbnails
 • Image Details
 • Compare / Difference Function

Flexible Exam / Patient Cross Referencing

 • User Defined Exam Type
 • Exam / Patient Comments
 • Database Filtering and Sorting

Archiving Capabilities Medmont Studio Integration

 • Seamless Integration with Other Medmont Instruments
 • Integration with 3rd Party Practice Management Systems
 • Multiuser Interface


 • Video Slit Lamp
 • Retinal Imaging

Supported Cameras

 • Canon ED Camera
 • AVT Video Camera
 • Inami Slit Lamp
 • Keeler Camera
 • Medmont Video
 • PointGrey Video Camera
 • Sun Kingdom Slit Lamp

PC Min Requirements

 • Compliant to IEC 60950 and Powered via Medical Transformer, Intel i5 Generation 3 Processor or Better, Genuine Intel Chipset
 • Recommended, 40GB Hard Drive, 8GB RAM Recommended, 1-2 Free USB Ports Depending on Instrument, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
 • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800



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