Cutting-Edge Corneal Topography Helps Practitioners See Dry Eye Disease

Don’t let Dry Eye Disease debilitate your patients’ eye health.

Dry Eye Disease (DED) is a multifactorial disease characterized by a vicious cycle of compounding issues leading to the loss of homeostasis. Complicating the cycle is the fact that DED symptoms feel different for everyone. Two patients rarely present with exactly the same symptoms, making it challenging for doctors.

How can doctors step in and help improve their patient’s eye health?

They can run DED interference with proactive screenings using the right tools like corneal topography. Together, with their patient’s input, they can also assess the current progression of DED and create a strategy and treatment plan to slow it down.

Standard practice isn’t so standard anymore.

The “business-as-usual” model isn’t effective anymore. To maximize office hours, optometry practices have to shift from scheduling patients back-to-back to getting the most from each patient appointment. Fewer patients doesn’t have to mean less income for your practice. In fact, with an investment in the right tools, additional screenings can not only increase revenue but can also benefit the patient.

How can doctors use this pivot to improve their optometry practices and upgrade patient experiences?

They can utilize the extra face time with their patients to gather a complete health history, ascertain if lifestyle could potentially contribute to eye health issues, and conduct a complete diagnostic review using keratoconus topography.

Help your patients see clearly when you treat optimally.

Precise keratoconus topography imaging, detailed reports, and meaningful conversations between you and your patients don’t just help eye health. They create successful, lasting relationships. Precursors to DED, including aging, computer usage, environment, and diet, have the potential to increase the instances of the disease.

How can doctors improve the lives of their patients once they leave their office?

They can give patients the gift of knowledge by helping them understand what DED is, how it develops, more common signs and symptoms, and potential treatments and management options. Help your patients get a clear view of DED. Share an eBook with your patients today.

Know more. Know now with corneal topography.

ODs have the power to protect and improve patient eye health. Proactive, preventative screenings with the right tools put that power in your hands.

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