Is your  topographer giving you tunnel vision?

Get the full picture with the Medmont Meridia™️

Limbus-to-limbus corneal coverage for high first fit success.

Most large cone topographers use extrapolated data on the peripheral cornea, where ortho-k lenses align. It’s like fitting with peripheral vision loss. The small-cone Meridia™ helps you get fit right the first time with a more accurate baseline topography map built from real corneal data.

Ace the baseline map

With the Meridia™, you can generate up to 11mm and beyond of real corneal data in a single capture—without extrapolation. Not many, if any, other topographers can give you that. That’s owing to its small cone construction and 32 Placido rings.

Make contacts

The Meridia™ empowers you with potent lens design control and a large lens library. Use the contact lens simulator or integrate with popular design software.  

Use the tear film layer graph to assist lens selection and build. The graph simulates tear fluid layer thickness where the lens vaults and lands. Influence lens-to-surface fit by manipulating parameters until you get the right fit.   

Perfect fit

Evaluate fit with high-definition fluorescein imaging and video, subtractive maps and valuable data insights from Medmont Studio. Or, export your files to lens lab consultants for troubleshooting.

Shine a light on discomfort

The Meridia™ Pro equips you with vital ocular surface assessment features for tear film and lens fit assessment. Its dry eye suite lets you evaluate ocular health for contact lens patients, to reduce discomfort and dropout.

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