Medmont Studio 7.2.8 is out—and now runs on more instruments

December 7th, 2022

For upgrade enquiries, please contact your local distributor or email

We’re pleased to announce the release of Medmont Studio version 7.2.8, our proprietary instrument software.

Coinciding this release, users of E300 USB corneal topographers and M700 automated perimeters can now, for the first time, upgrade to Medmont Studio 7.

The latest version of Studio 7 offers highly requested updates, enhanced functionality, optimised performance and an intuitive user-interface. We invite you to upgrade to transform your workflow and gain more meaningful insights.

Download our release notes to learn about the new Studio 7 features and functions specific to your Medmont instrument.

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Email or fill in the form below, and a Medmont representative will be in touch shortly.

Please note:

  • If you currently own an instrument running an earlier version of Medmont Studio 7, you can update your software to version 7.2.8 with the Medmont Studio auto-update function.
  • All Studio 7 compatible instruments (medmont meridia™, E300 and M700) will now ship from our manufacturing facility in Melbourne with Studio 7.2.8 preinstalled.

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