Meet Nelson. As our Calibration Team Leader, he’s integral to maintaining the quality and performance of Medmont’s corneal topographers.  

He also played a noteworthy role in bringing the medmont meridia™ to life, bridging the gap between the R&D and production teams. Medmont Project Manager James worked closely with Nelson on the project, telling us, “Nelson’s contributions, his technical assistance and work instruction refinements, were essential to ensuring the smooth and accurate production of the meridia™.” 

Read on to find out more about Nelson and what he does at Medmont and in his spare time.

Hey Nelson! Tell us about your role as Calibration Team Leader. What does it involve?  

My role is to align and calibrate the ‘Head’ portion of Medmont topographers, ensuring the functionality of the instrument is accurate and consistent. I also oversee the assembly of the topographer Head, acting as an intermediary between production and management/engineers.  

How long have you been at Medmont, and what attracted you to work here?  

I started at Medmont in January 2019. The type of work at Medmont interested me because I was looking to work with my hands and make things. I liked the idea of working with technology related to the human senses.

What do you like most about working with your team?   

People have been very accommodating to me here. I like the ability for us to work autonomously. But also, everyone’s willingness to support each other when challenges arise. 

Tell us about your proudest achievement at Medmont. 

I’m proud to have achieved a level of practical experience with the Meridia product that gives me the ability to quickly identify and repair many problems before they stall production. 

You work with us 4 days a week; what do you do on your day off? 

I came up with a studio microphone design in 2017. I use my extra day off to make the microphones by hand and further refine the design. I sell them at

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?  

When I’m not working, I’m usually making music or listening to discussions on the internet. I like swimming if the sun is out too. 

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment?  

I’ve been enjoying a couple of audio books lately—The Fiat Standard by Saifedean Ammous and The Case Against Reality by Donald Hoffman.

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