E300 in the June edition of Equipment Magazine

June 23rd, 2017

Check out the June edition of Equipment Magazine and the posted article by, Richard Vojlay on the E300 Corneal Topographer’s use in contemporary optometry.

Case report follows a 42 year old patient with Keratoconus, and follows his transition from RGP Lens to Scleral Lens, after patient was unable to find an acceptable level of comfort wearing RGP Lenses.

“The Medmont e300 topographer allows us to easily extract the information required to accurately assess our patient’s condition and determine the performance of a trial lens. it is a worthwhile investment to allow us to deliver the ongoing quality of care expected of optometry in the 21st century”. Richard Vojlay 

NOTE: This article is courtesy of Optometry Australia’s 2017 Equipment magazine

About Medmont

Medmont is a global leader in the manufacturing of software and equipment for the Ophthalmic Market.  The company was founded in 1988 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.  Medmont’s product range consists of the: E300 Corneal Topographer, M700 Automated Perimeter, DV2000 Diagnostic Imaging Software, and the AT20P Acuity Tester.

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